How do you create a best selling brand with a $0 media budget? This is our story.

When Our Generation wanted to rebrand their doll line with no marketing budget, we knew from the beginning that the only places to deliver a brand story would be through the packaging and a website. Every square inch and every pixel had a job to do.

We started by creating a brand around the line's strength: every doll came with a chapter book about the doll, and every doll's story reflected the lives of the girls who played with her.

Designed for girls with a lot of heart.

Adding to the new logo, the packaging redesign started with a color palette that was bold and bright, with an emphasis on warm colors. And pink — we were not afraid to embrace being girly. Dielines were custom drawn to reflect a flowing, illustrative sensibility and a custom typeface with whimsy and a storytelling flare completed the look.

Another anchor for the brand was a collection of hearts. During our exploration research, we asked girls to draw hearts. We gathered hundreds of these hearts and created the OG “Wall of Hearts” to symbolize the unity of this generation of girls. The wall appeared on every package throughout the brand.

To add value to the brand, we created a sub-brand called OG Outfitters and included a fashion lookbook with each toy. Many packages reversed to become a gift wrapped box, and some were created for reuse as pretty storage boxes. Our horses were even designed to come in packages mimicking a stable — the ultimate reusable play.

The story had to be bigger than a doll. Heroes were turned into brand ambassadors. And brand ambassadors into heroes.

We created a community between the doll, the girl who played with the doll, and the collective consciousness of girls across the country. We carefully chose girls who were the embodiment of everything this wholesome brand stood for. Ten girls who had huge stories of their own were showcased on our packages and website. From a 6-year-old who wrote a book about her dog to raise money for a no-kill animal shelter to a teenager who created a program to turn recycled restaurant grease into fuel for homes in need, these girls spanned all ages, cultures, and the scale of their stories.

A website made this brand belong to the girls.

An interactive homepage invited girls to play. Dolls were shot with fashion-forward styling and poses. Special attention was paid to the dolls’ hairdos. In sync with the OG Outfitters brand, accessory pages looked more like a fashion retailer’s site than a doll brand. See the website here.

Digital partner: Honest

Pink, hearts, heroes. But what about results?

The year OG introduced the new branding, sales grew 170%. The dolls and accessories have since been updated to reflect the branding, color palette and fashion forward aesthetic. And they continue to climb.