How do you tell the storyteller’s story?

Since its inception, NPR has been delivering the stories that give us a better understanding of our world. But as the world has changed, so has NPR. It was time to tell their story to a younger, more digital-centered audience. Together with the passion and brainpower of NPR's internal marketing department and the gorgeous design build of digital shop Upstatement, we created a digital experience to do just that.

Like NPR itself, we needed this site to suck users in and invite them to get lost in it.

Two of the things that make NPR stand out from other news sources are its rigorous reporting and its innovative storytelling. We knew our site couldn’t just tell this story – it had to exemplify it.

We wove together a digital quilt of stories: some a simple read, others an embedded video or audio clip, and still others linked to deeper dives of stories on Users can skim the surface or spend all day to get as little or as much of the experience as they are looking for.

It didn’t hurt to be working with the vast resources of fascinating stories, photography, video and art that is NPR. This site screamed to be an inspiring wormhole of information at every swipe, every click.

See Lourdes Garcia-Navarro in a video explaining why she has so many bullet holes in her laptop. Watch Macklemore perform a set on Bob Boilen’s desk. Dig into stories on fracking and megafires. See a slide show of found color photographs from 1938 – an America in color few have seen.

We told NPR’s new story in a new way.

NPR is committed to creating ideas and technologies that deliver the stories people want and need to hear, where they are ready to hear them. Radio for the deaf, Connected Cars, Infinite Player - these are all things that are not only changing NPR, they are changing the world. Our job was to deliver them in a way that changed the way the world looks at NPR.

Take a look for yourself. Spend a few seconds or a few hours. We designed this site to make either experience an inspiring journey.

Digital partner: upstatement